Sainte Lizaigne
Sainte Lizaigne (Indre), France.
Misses Foerster's is the yellow house on left.

Mother immediately took advantage of an offer of shelter made by two kind souls, the misses Hélène and Marthe Foerster, saintly unmarried retired schoolmistresses, who gave the three of us shelter in their lovely house in the nearby village of Sainte Lizaigne.

Their kindness gave us again some confidence in human goodness. Whenever the ladies asked for quiet to listen to classical music while having afternoon tea, we left the house to get into fights with local kids, our future best friends.

Ste Lizaigne became our new home and, just as in Becherbach, absolutely everyone knew the two blond brothers, forever busy hither and yon, in the fruit orchards, the strawberry patches, the fields or simply accompanying a plowman and his horses or our new best friend "Mousse," the poacher.

Quite naturally, from then on, little Ernst became known as Ernest.